Galicia and Northern Portugal

1. Galicia (North-West Spain)



This is probably the best-known megalith of Galicia, the Dolmen de Ageltus, also known as Dolmen de Axeitos. Several kilometres north of Ribeira (or Santa Uxita) but you can't miss it - there are many signposts, even on the highway! The dolmen itself is approx. 1.90 m high and the land owner told me "I will blast up the damn thing one day because of all the f.. campers coming here." I hope he won't.


Dolmen de Dombante, 45 km SW from La Coruņa, 3 km N from Baio Grande.
A dolmen under construction, as you can see. (Photographed through a hole in the fence)


Near the road La Coruņa - Fisterra, 4 kilometers from Bardoias, this small dolmen stands in the fields.
Follow the dolmen-signpost from the village and hope to keep the righ way.


This very nice Dolmen de Tordoia (or Dolmen de Cabaleiros) stands near Ponte Pedra on the road to Tordoia.
The chamber is approx. 1.70 high and the entrance faces East.


Dolmen in the fields between Oliveira and Baiņas, approx. 10 Km from Dumbria.
Difficult to find it but worth to try - the place is, despite the high voltage wires, very nice.


This perfect miniature menhir stands in the middle of a small eucalyptus wood near Santa Lucia (20 km N from Pontevedra).
Its name is Menhir Dalpa de Gargantes and its height is about 170 cm. Well - it could be that another five meters are hidden under the soil...


One of the most beautiful dolmens of Galicia is situated on the Western bank of the Embalse de Salas See at the southern border to Portugal, near Muiņos. Surrounded by the high mountains of Serra do Geręs (National Parc), it overlooks an ancient megalithic area with many (smaller) remnants.
Named "Casola do Foxo", it is about two meters in height.


Casola da Moura, another huge dolmen only several hundreds meter from the dolmen which is shown above.
It is 2.20 m in hight.

2. Now we change to Northern Portugal.


The charming Dolmen de Barroca near Viana do Castello is in the northern-most part of Portugal.
Although standing in the middle of a small village, it is kept very naturally.


Dolmen de Châ.
Some 30 km eastwards of Vila Real, near Alijo.
The dolmens (antas) of Viseu are pretty huge and of the unique "Portugese" shape.

3. Region of Viseu (Portugal Middle-North)


Dolmen de Arca, 50 km W from Viseu, near San João do Monte.
The covering slab stone is suported by only three standing slabs, each more than 1.80 m high.


Orca de Pendhile, North of Viseu, 9 km east of Castro Daire.
Very nice monument, overviewing wide open landscape.
Almost all  Portugese megalithic chambers don`t have a burial mound. It is unclear whether they have eroded over time or perhaps never existed in the first place.


Last but -oho- Dolmen de Carapito, the largest megalithic monument in the Beira Alta region. The covering stone has been removed, probably with a little help of the Olle-Nobel invention. It lies in several pieces some 50 meters from the monument.