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As you can see, there are still many megalithic sites in Portugal. Once this country was probably as rich of megalithic remnants as Spain or South France. In contrary to Ireland in Portugal has never existed such "magic feeling" for the big stones and for this reason many of the monuments were destroyed. 

Nevertheless you can find in Portugal an excellent collection of megaliths, especially dolmens which are called "antas". Though the typical shape of a Portuguese dolmen differs from the well known Irish type, the "feeling" could be the same. Some dolmens like "Anta grande do Zambujeiro" belong to the biggest megalithic constructions in Europe.

There are at least six areas of great megalithic interest. 

1. Evora. (This Page)
The other areas are not so popular but nevertheless worth a visit.
2. The Viseu area
(North Portugal Page)
3. South of Chaves
(North Portugal Page)
4. The extreme North-West (this area expands over the Spanish border)
(North Portugal Page)
5. Sintra and  (This Page)
6. Sagres   (This Page)

On this page I show only the most interesting photos. If you wish further information, or if you have interesting photos, please contact me. I like to thank Maria Paula Sousa Nunes for her support. 

Here are the pictures from the Evora-Region.


1. Menhir da Bulhoa. (Monsaraz)
Restaured and reerected.
(another picture see below) 

2. Anta da Courela dos Tourais
(Montemor Novo)
Approx. 2.5 m high 


3. Cromlech dos Almendras.
Near Evora. Very beautiful and calme site with meditative energy. 

5. Cromlech dos Almendras.
Consisting of 95 egg-shaped stones, the highest approx. 2.5m high. 


4. Menhir dos Almendras
Approx. 2 km beside Cromlech, 4m high, with remains of carvings. 


6 + 7 Antas do Barrocal.
Two dolmens situated in South-West of Barrocal farm. 
(Near Evora) 1.8m resp. 2.5m high, very lovely place. 


8. Menhir do Outeiro
Region of Monsaraz. 
The menhir is 5.5 m high. 
It was reerected in the 60ies. 
Very lovely place. 

9. Anta 1 da Comenda da Igreja.
On the left side of the road from 
Montemor to Mora. 


10. Menhir and Cromelech do Xarez
A quadratic "stone circle" with a 
menhir (3 m) in the middle. 
During the restoration the menhir was
fixed into a concrete foundation. 

11. Menhir da Bulhoa. (Monsaraz)
Restaured and reerected. 


12. + 13. Anta Capella de Sao Brisos
3 km from Santiago do Escoural (reg. Evora) As you can see, the christians have used the same "places of power" as the megaliths-people. The chapel is closed, it could be of great interest to see the interior and to know the history of the building.


14. Anta da Herdade da Segonheira.
Municipality of Nossa Senhora 
da Graca do Divor, Evora 

15. Anta da Comenda Grande
1,5km after S. Geraldo in dir. 
to Sabugueiro. 2m high. 


16. Menhir da Rocha 
dos Namorados 

17. Inside of Anta Grande do Zambujeiro
The dolmen is covered with roof. 
The main stone plates measure
more than 5 m in the height 

Photographers: Nr. 2: Britta Szymczak
Nr 3., 8, 12, 16 Maria Paula Sousa-Nunes
All other photos Jan Bily

© Jan Bily 1997